Supplying energy with guaranteed prices is a challenge difficult to overcome

CIS GAZ is one of the important players on the Romanian energy market. We have the ability to manage gas deliveries via transport and distribution networks in accordance with the needs of our customers.

For over 10 years we offer solutions tailored to the complexity and challenges of safety in supply, and through in-depth understanding of the market, our expertise in contract logistics and flexibility our customers can truly focus on developing their own business.

Whatever the season, our solutions for the supply of electricity or natural gas are tailored to guarantee the delivery service you need for your work.

We supply a wide range of contracting solutions, whether they are long-term contracts or spot fixed-price contracts, pricing mechanisms are maintained and operations of our customers are not affected.

  • Our services are customized according to our clients’ purchasing possibilities.
  • We have a portfolio of more than 1,000 households and industrial consumers.
  • We are active in natural gas supply market since 2006.
  • We produce 2.1 MWh Photovoltaic Solar Park in Cuci, Mures County.