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In a business environment, minimizing the cost of gas may seem like a challenge.

With 10 years of experience in the natural gas trading industry, CisGaz is one of the leading suppliers of natural gas in Romania, with a significant portfolio of customers.
Legally, your company can choose its supplier of natural gas as simple as you can choose any supplier of goods or services.

CIS Gaz offer of providing natural gas to non-household customers

If you are looking to reduce the amount you pay for gas, one of the most significant steps is to switch the supplier.


We regularly check market prices, so you can be sure that our fares are displayed and our offerings are the most competitive in relation to competition. You can afford to budget more accurately, while keeping the cost of natural gas at low levels.


Changing natural gas supplier with CIS Gaz, offers the advantage of discover the way how prices flexibility and our prices and terms of payment can give
your business a service that allows you to focus only on core business.


Economic operators, with the exception of SMEs, which annually consume amounts of energy (electricity, natural gas, diesel, gasoline, heat and hot water, etc.) are required under law to conduct an energy audit on the entire boundary of energy consumption.


Economic operators who consume annually amounts of energy of more than 1,000 tones of oil equivalent (diesel or petrol) and electric power approximately 12,000 MWh, Natural Gas 1200 MC – are required to sign a contract of energy management with a person or entity agreed upon conditions of law.

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