One step towards renewables

A successful step towards achieving the  group of companies belonging to the CIS GAZ  was taken in December 2011 by establishing CIS Energy Company, in order to achieve a photovoltaic plant and open area towards investment in renewable energy. CIS competitors in gas supply started to offer also electricity, so the company had to move fast the pawn on the chessboard. And because just being energy trader does not mean very much, management decided that the company will become electricity producer.

The year 2012 has been reserved for determining the location, studies, analyzes, partner search. For sentimental reasons, photovoltaic plant was designed in Cuci Mures county, near the home of the founding president of the companies. But there were also economic reasons, especially to be near to the electrical network.

In January 2013 came the opportunity for a partnership with a German company that wanted to invest in the family projects. CIS Energy has quickly changed status, accepting two associate partners: Cis  Gaz and Soventix  GmbH.


The first time was executed the work, and then switched to installing solar panels and other equipment needed for an installation of this kind. The partnership has worked impeccable, and 10 months later, in December 2013 the park was put into operation with a capacity of 2 MW.

For this project was used 9078 panels, with a power of 230 W and for the year 2014  Cis Energy had a production  of 2367 Mwh, which was delivered into the National Grid System.  

Soventix GmbH will develop several projects in Romania, some will materialize in partnership with us, some in partnership with other companies. However, in the near future we will have more serious production capacity, a larger amount of energy available to be sold. There is the possibility of development for new projects with our partner Soventix.

This pilot project will be use for the energy solutions on large energy consumers market. Our group will supply the panels and installation work, so the system will be delivered turnkey. We envisage a solution for householders.

Our partner SOVENTIX

Soventix GmbH with its headquarter in Germany and subsidiaries in ROMANIA, UK, Chile, South Africa, Canada, USA and Dominican Republic develops, plans, constructs and manages solar power plants worldwide.

Its expertise in the solar industry and the support of internationally recognized premium manufacturers enables Soventix to realize high-performing photovoltaic power plants and to provide a variety of services including planning and development, financing and management, as well as service and operation.