Advanced Processes for Better Pipes Polyflow’s Thermoflex® Composite Pipes give you superior steel strength, making them the ideal and flexible choice for transporting fluids in acidic environments. Easy structure and long lengths offer a low cost, easy to install and versatile pipe that you can use in a wide variety of applications.


Joining splice
Joints that offer speed, strength and safety

Polyflow has developed the joint joint to join two sections of the Thermoflex® tube without the need for welding or to create joints with flange or threaded couplings. The joining joint permanently connects to the two ends of the pipe, without any risk of welding, sealing or corrosion associated with threaded joints. Installation is fast and is done at the site with mobile equipment.

Termination Coupling
Polyflow connectors provide an interface for connecting the Thermoflex® tube to the standard connections in the oilfields. There is a choice between flanged, welded and threaded terminals. Each method is designed to adapt to the standard dimensions, for example 2 3/4 “Thermoflex couplings are to be combined with a 2˝ flange with 2 ½ NPT threads or a 2˝ sch Installation is quick and is done on site with mobile equipment.