The gas distribution liberalization begins with SCnet and CIS Gaz

November 29th, 2015


October 2015 marked the beginning of a collaboration that wants to become a tradition, that of SCnet and CIS Gaz.

CIS Gaz appeared on the Romanian market in 1990, accumulating 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. CIS Gaz is a family business now in its second generation: founded by Mr. John Monk is now led by his son, Mr. Horatiu Sebastian Monk.

CIS Gas operates in the natural gas industry and specializes in assembly, commissioning, construction, rehabilitation and special installations for all three branches of art: extraction, transport, distribution. The company activity has expanded in the authorized distribution, marketing and importation of petroleum products and the production of solar energy.

CIS Gaz evolved into a solid business, with strong customer and major partners in Romania and abroad. Besides technological solutions and services CIS Gas energy industry is a provider of natural gas and electricity producer and supplier.

The company began marketing natural gas in 2006. It is currently one of the leading suppliers of natural gas in Romania, covering parts of central and southern Romania.

The collaboration between gas and SCnet CIS debuts with natural gas supply services, prospects of development and integration of other services in the future. CIS Gas provides natural gas customers in maximum security conditions and optimally. The company guarantees the quality, transparency and competitive prices.

Beneficiaries of services of quality and competitive prices will be SCnet and customers, who get the added advantage Smart Points. Discover the next article details the collaboration between SCnet and CIS Gas and SCnet benefits for customers.

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CIS GAZ and MODUS finalise Oman agency agreement

November 12th, 2015

CIS GAZ and MODUS finalise Oman agency agreement


CIS GAZ and MODUS | Oman Drilling Systems finalise Oman agency agreement. Through this agreement, MODUS becomes the exclusive provider of the following CIS GAZ products and services in Oman.

  • ThermoFlex Pipes, Diesel Tanks, Launchers
  • Gas separators & Filtration Systems
  • Pipelines construction, rehabilitation, repairs, relining, pigging

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