CIS GAZ lowers the gas bill

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The company CIS GAZ SA launched a special offer for household gas customers on 19 of May, making it the first viable alternative to traditional suppliers in the market. Under the slogan “Low prices, High heat”, CIS GAZ offers target domestic consumers dissatisfied with the prices offered by the current suppliers. By choosing CIS GAZ as a supplier, consumers will pay less than up to 5% of their gas bill for a 12-month contractual period, with the possibility of further extension.

Transfer without costs

“The transfer from one supplier to another will be carried out at no cost to the household consumer within 21 days, with the new supplier to use the same distribution network, the same pipeline, the same gas, the same meter, only the price will be another, significantly lower.” said CIS GAZ.

According to the legislation in force and the order of the ANRE President no. 47/2007, household customers have the right at any time to choose their natural gas supplier, thus benefiting from better prices as a result of the competition of suppliers present with offers on the market.

The concrete offer and the steps to take to benefit you can view it by going to the website: or on Facebook: and


With over 30 years of experience in the Romanian energy industry, CIS GAZ has been a supplier licensed by the National Authority for Energy Regulation (ANRE) for almost a decade. The company currently owns a portfolio of about 1000 households and non-household customers and has also contracts with large natural gas producers. Founded in 1990, CIS GAZ is active in the natural gas industry and specializes in assembly, execution, rehabilitation and special installations for all three branches in the field: Extraction, transport and distribution. The company offers solutions to high standards in the execution of surface technological installations, compression and drying stations and natural gas transmission pipelines as well as the execution of connections and gas measurement-control stations. In recent years, the activity of the company has expanded in the field of natural gas supply, authorized distribution, marketing and import of oil products, as well as solar energy production. (A.B.)

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