Code of Conduct


Every member or partner of our organization is guided by our code of conduct.

It gives us the guidance and support we need to run our business in an ethical manner and accordance with the law. We are moving towards success due to a series of principles vital to our company.

Our code is the commitment to do the basics for the respect we receive from our partners.

Testimonial CEO – Horatiu Sebastian Calugar

“From our experience obtained in the 30 years of activity in the dynamic and competitive environment of the Romanian oil and gas industry, CIS GAZ Company has developed a series of infallible values: family and sentimental unity, evolution and permanent development, integrity, along with careful customer orientation.

We have achieved these values ​​through the interaction we have had over the years, with our business partners, and through our need to grow in a dynamic market, often managing to adapt to the needs of our customers.

On this basis, in the 30 years of experience, we have demonstrated that CIS GAZ can evolve, develop, and succeed in a professional, honest, and loyal way.

Our employees have always been the heart of the company, and with their support, we have shown our partners that they can rely on both high-quality CIS GAZ products and services, as well as all our attention and desire to meet their needs.

Being a successful company means more than efficiency and achievements, it means acting responsibly and professionally in a dynamic and competitive industry. CIS GAZ managed to confirm this in 30 years of activity.

Our code of conduct is the foundation of relations between CIS GAZ and all parties involved: business partners, customers, and suppliers, collaborators, public authorities and institutions, the community in which we operate, and last but not least with our staff.

We invite you to read our code of conduct to understand our organizational culture, mission, objectives, and values ​​that guide us every day, in every activity, we undertake.

Today, I am proud that CIS GAZ is one of the few companies in the industry that has managed to pass the test of time and the transition between generations. It is a great joy and a challenge, at the same time for me, to succeed in the future, to strengthen the reputation of CIS GAZ.

All our future stages will lead the company in the field of integrated and innovative performance, steps that we will follow with maximum responsibility “.


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We are committed to running the business with honesty and integrity, under the highest ethical and legal standards, with mutual respect and respect for business partners.

This is our Code of Conduct that sets out the basic rules, standards, and behaviors.

Every employee must master these objectives to be part of the CIS GAZ company.

The meaning of the Code


Applicability of the Code:

To all CIS GAZ employees.

New employees will receive a copy of the Code of Conduct when they begin working with us. They will sign a declaration on their own responsibility, attesting to the fact that they have taken note of what is written in the Code of Conduct, and have the obligation to respect it.


The people in our company have always been the foundation of our success.

We are proud of brilliant minds and dedicated people who work in a team.

Our team is the best!

We encourage every person in our organization to give their best to achieve the highest goals.

The quality and safety of our work environment have always been at high standards and we want to keep them unchanged.

Discrimination and harassment are unacceptable.

Correctness and respect for others are a necessity!


CIS GAZ aims to create a safe and healthy working environment. The success of our employees is based on our efforts to continuously improve the occupational safety and health conditions of our work environment.

We aim to gain the trust of customers, partners, and the community, to contribute to sustainable development, setting an example to follow.

Our HSSE standards are designed to ensure compliance with the law and to achieve continuous performance improvement.

We will inspire our partners, employees, suppliers to develop and maintain a healthy and safe environment.

CIS GAZ is committed to operating responsibly and will never knowingly compromise health, safety, or environmental standards to meet its operational objectives.

Our goal is to ensure the safety of all those involved in our operations and to protect the environment.

Social performance, equal opportunities, human rights

CIS GAZ aims to create lasting social benefits, supervising the health and safety of employees, entrepreneurs, and business partners.

At our construction sites, we always seek to minimize the impact on the community, reduce emissions and minimize the effects on ecosystems and biodiversity, as well as manage wastewater, energy, and other resources in the most efficient way.

We promote equal opportunities.

No employee or job seeker will be discriminated against regardless of gender, marital status, race, nationality, age, religion, or sexual orientation.

Decisions on selection, training, and development are made strictly in accordance with job-related criteria and must be relevant to the job.

CIS GAZ will not tolerate illegal employment discrimination and will ensure that its employment decisions are based on qualifications, merits, performance, and other factors relevant to the job.

Sustainable Development

CIS GAZ aims to define viable schemes that combine the economic, social, and environmental aspects of human activity.

We want to respond to the growing needs of energy dynamics, which are growing, in a way that is friendly to the environment, the economy, and society.

Our goal is to find a coherent and long-lasting balance between these three aspects.

Our company wants the exploitation of natural resources, investments, technological and institutional changes to be in harmony with present and future needs.


We are and will remain a competitive team.

While we must be competitive, our work must be based on correct decisions and legal conduct.

To ensure that our business relationships work to the benefit of all, we must pursue our values ​​as a company and work with respect and responsibility with all our customers, contractors, suppliers, partners, and all parties involved.

We are a responsible company that has fulfilled its obligations and builds long-term relationships.


Our partnership policy sets out clear rules for each employee, customer, contractor, supplier, or any other third party, to avoid any conflict of interest.

As part of CIS GAZ, these rules will avoid any conflict of interest, will be impartial, and will always adopt professional behavior in our relations with contractors and suppliers.

Decisions should not be influenced by personal or private considerations.

Employees must also declare to their employing company potential conflicts of interest.

All commercial transactions on behalf of CIS GAZ must be properly reflected in the company’s accounts following established procedures and are subject to audit and disclosure.

Employees must behave impartially in all business relationships. It is not allowed to offer improper benefits to other companies, organizations, or individuals.

Employees must not use the property or information obtained by the company through their position, for personal gain or to compete with CIS GAZ.

The suspicion of a conflict of interest must be reported immediately to a superior.

Employees must not engage in activities that may generate a conflict between their personal interests and the interests of the company.


CIS GAZ has a contract and a procurement policy that all participants are required to comply with.

Our business partners should clearly indicate the services to be performed, the amount to be paid, and all other relevant conditions and terms.

All payments and transactions must have a reasonable relationship between them and the value of the services provided.

All payments and transactions must be supported by supporting documents.

CIS GAZ aims to treat suppliers fairly, based on value, performance, and price, ensuring the confidentiality of supplier information, without taking advantage of the mistakes made by suppliers.

Diversity and equality of suppliers are encouraged.

We are a responsible company committed to fulfilling our obligations and building long-term relationships.

We will do our job properly to ensure that our business relationships work to everyone’s advantage.

CIS GAZ is committed to taking part in vigorous and fair competitions, we know that we can meet both objectives.

We respect and include these objectives in our management practices, in the relationship with all its business partners, in its business practices, and the actions of its employees in harmony with the laws and regulations of the competition.


CIS GAZ supports free enterprise. Antitrust laws protect free businesses and prohibit behavior that limits trade or restricts fair competition.

These laws apply to all levels of business. Antitrust laws combat illegal practices such as pricing, market distribution, auctioning, conspiracies, or behaviors that seek to achieve or maintain a monopoly.

CIS GAZ does not tolerate antitrust violations.


Our business requires interaction with people working at different levels for partners, suppliers, contractors, or government entities.

There are strict limits on which personal relationships can interact with the interests of the company.

The exchange of gifts and the provision of entertainment must be done appropriately, in accordance with the CIS GAZ Code of Business Conduct.

We do not tolerate bribery, privileged relationships, abuse, fraud, or money laundering.

The use of sums of money, unjustifiably, to obtain services, is considered a bribe and such payment should not be accepted.

Please note that misconduct can irreversibly damage your reputation and business.


CIS GAZ does not tolerate bribery, privileged relationships, market abuse, fraud, or money laundering.

Employees must not offer, pay, seek or accept a payment, gift, or favor to improperly influence a business outcome or in exchange for a

favorable treatment or to obtain any advantage in business.

Also, giving gifts and entertainment can raise similar issues. Gifts or payments, of any kind, addressed to any government official, political party, or candidate for public office, to determine them to perform their duties, are specifically and strictly prohibited.

We are against all forms of corruption and will make active efforts to ensure that corruption does not occur in any part of the company’s business activities.

Corruption can also involve conflicts of interest, nepotism, extortion, fraud, embezzlement, illegal information intermediation, and money laundering.


CIS GAZ must not accept or offer any payments, gifts, or valuables to civil servants, except in the cases provided in this document.

CIS GAZ may cover reasonable expenses of civil servants related to:

(i) promoting, demonstrating, or explaining products or services


(ii) performance of a contract with a government or government agency.

These expenses may include reasonable travel costs, accommodation costs, or training costs, where there is a legitimate purpose related to the CIS GAZ relationship with the relevant authorities.

No manner of concealment of civil servants’ expenses may be made or authorized if they violate applicable law on corruption or the regulations of the civil servant’s employer.


CIS GAZ will not be influenced by business decisions or will cause others to perceive any influence. We do not encourage employees to accept gifts and hospitality services from business partners.

Employees must not directly or indirectly accept gifts, except for promotional items of minimal value that normally bear the company logo.

Hospitality services, such as invitations to social events, meals, or entertainment, can be accepted by the individual if there is a clear business purpose.

The costs for any hospitality must be kept within reasonable limits.

The administrators of CIS GAZ may, on behalf of the Company, on special occasions, when necessary, and when there may be no perception of non-compliance, approve the offer or acceptance of a gift with a value higher than that indicated above.


We are aware of the dangers of money laundering and comply with all standards, laws and associated reporting obligations, and due diligence requirements.

CIS GAZ is committed to fully complying with all anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism laws around the world.

Our company will only do business with reputable clients involved in legitimate business activities, with funds from legitimate sources.

Employees must comply with all laws, regulations, and company policies, guidelines, standards.


Being a successful company requires incredible competitiveness and solutions that can come from afar.

Imports and exports require attention to international trade laws and specific legislation in each country.

CIS GAZ will always operate transparently regarding all import and export procedures of goods and solutions, respecting all international laws and embargoes.


We are committed to complying with all applicable laws regarding exports, imports, and trade in all countries where CIS GAZ operates. These laws include embargoes, trade sanctions, customs, product/country of manufacture, and anti-boycott laws.

In conducting business across borders, our employees must be aware of and comply with these laws.

We must comply with customs laws and establish the correct classification, value, and country of origin for all our imports.

We must be able to demonstrate in a well-documented manner that we have exercised reasonable care to ensure our imports and have complied with all applicable laws and regulations.

Failure to comply with the export, import, and trade laws may result in criminal and civil sanctions for CIS GAZ and its employees, significant business disruptions, and damage to the company’s reputation.


The world is moving faster than we can keep up.

Information is everything when it comes to getting to the finish line first.

Discretion has always been a golden principle of our business. We are extremely careful when it comes to sensitive data and must take all measures to protect our intellectual property, trade secrets, and information regarding our intellectual property and also our business.


CIS GAZ employees must maintain business secrets and confidential information regarding the Company’s business or business and must not use or disclose this information to an unauthorized person either within or outside CIS GAZ, except in the proper performance of its duties.

The information obtained during the partnership with CIS GAZ may not be used for purposes other than the interest of the relationship with CIS GAZ.

Records containing information about participants and/or business partners must be kept confidential.


A Participant shall not take or use the property of CIS GAZ or the property of another Participant or Business Partner without permission; nor shall the Participant use the CIS GAZ property for private purposes without the permission of the management.

Participants also have the obligation to protect and preserve and not to abuse the company’s properties and assets: materials, financial assets, or facilities such as logos, computer systems, telephone systems, e-mail, facilities, vehicles, materials, and consumables.

Employees must protect materials, financial assets, or property, and property against loss, damage, or abuse.

All inventions, patent rights, copyrights, design rights, trademarks, know-how and other intellectual property invented, conceived, or created by any employee will be the property of CIS GAZ (unless otherwise agreed).

The participant may use this information only in the proper performance of his duties.


CIS GAZ is committed to ensuring transparency and accuracy in all its relations, respecting the obligations of confidentiality. Therefore, employees have the responsibility to keep the necessary records of the company’s business relations.

The information systems and the information stored and processed on them are fundamental to the company’s activities and success.

For this reason, the highest priority must be given to security and its proper use. This requires compliance with legal requirements for the management and archiving of appropriate data.

We comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the way we record, store, and report information, as well as apply the generally accepted Accounting Principles where we do business.

The unauthorized collection, processing, and sending information about CIS GAZ employees and customers is prohibited.


The success of any business depends on efficient and effective communication. Communication is the basis of any organization, and its main purpose is to make changes to influence action.

We put a lot of emphasis on the way communication is carried out in our Company.


The code of conduct establishes the principles and rules for any communication by CIS GAZ within the company or with third parties. The standards apply to all types of correspondence, including mail, electronic documents, websites, social media tools, paper documents, etc.

For any type of printed material involving the company logo or any other element under the direct control of CIS GAZ, please follow the rules of the Visual Identity Manual regarding copyright and graphic design.

Any written or oral communication made on behalf of the Company is considered a public disclosure.

Personal opinions should not be the responsibility of the company and will not reflect the company’s views or its official position.

All communications of our Company must be correct, without misleading or speculative opinions.

All public or business communications of CIS GAZ must be approved by a manager or marketing director.

Please report any communication errors or any misreporting involving CIS GAZ or any of its assets.


CIS GAZ takes communication with the media seriously.

In 2013 we started a rebranding process and entered the new media era.

CIS GAZ has official accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+.

Concerning traditional media channels, we communicate through our marketing director and the CIS GAZ office.

Our official sites are: – International version – Romanian version

All media communications must be made following the Code of Conduct and the identity manual for aspects related to graphics.

If you find any content related to CIS GAZ or any of its employees or third parties involving the Company that contradicts the Code of Conduct or expresses opinions that are not shared by CIS GAZ, you must immediately inform the senior manager or the CIS GAZ Office.


For CIS GAZ, social responsibility towards the community is as important as success in business and, therefore, we are actively involved in the life of the community and society, both through initiation and by supporting social responsibility projects.

The social programs we are involved in include both volunteering and sponsorships.

Understanding that our success is due to the community, we believe that society returns some of what we receive from it every day.

CSR helps us improve our reputation, increase the company’s sales and market share, to attract and retain valuable employees.