CEO's Message

“From our experience achieved in over 25 years in the dynamic and competitive environment of Romania’s oil and gas industry, We developed a series of infallible values: Family, Honor, Safety, Integrity and Respect.

We reached these values through the interaction we had during the years, with our valuable business partners and by our need to grow in a dynamic market, often succeeding to adapt to our customer’s needs.

On this basis, during the 25 years of experience, we have demonstrated that CIS GAZ may evolve, develop and can be successful doing business in a professional, honest and loyal way.

Our employees have always been the heart of the company, together we have proved to our business partners, that they can rely on high quality products and services and benefit from all the attention and our desire to meet their needs.

Being a successful company means more than efficiency and achievements, it means to act in a responsible way and in a professional manner in this dynamic and competitive industry in which we operate. CIS GAZ managed to confirm this over the last 25 years.

Today, I am proud that CIS GAZ is among the few companies in the industry who have managed to succeed the test of time and the transition between generations.

It is a great joy and a challenge, at the same time for me, to achieve in the next 25 years, to consolidate the reputation of CIS GAZ, and why not of Romania’s energy companies on international market in general.

All of our future steps will be driven with maximum responsibility and I am confident that we will manage to lead the company toward innovation and desired performance, Performance for Generations.”

Horatiu Sebastian Calugar