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Our priority is to satisfy the need for natural gas supply of our customers with maximum safety and optimal parameters, also quality, transparency and competitive prices.

CIS Gaz offer of providing natural gas to household customers


  • Online banking / Direct debit** 
  • Electronic bill
  • Call Center
  • Regularization to 6 months
  • PREMIUM contract annex






* In the case of PREMIUM product, method of invoice payment is by Direct Debit, scheduled payment or at the counter of affiliated banks.

** Direct debit = automatic bill collection by the providing bank, form the current account or card account usage. Will be signed an mandate agreement with the provider bank (ie OTP Bank, Unicredit Bank, Banc Post, CEC Bank). For this, the consumer will address to the bank with the signed contract for drafting the Convention.

*** Scheduled payment = agreed comprehension between the consumer and the bank for automatic bill payment of the supplier to its due date.

Attention: Payment by direct debit requires that the consumer has a debit card or a checking account at one of the banks of the supplier (OTP Bank, Unicredit Bank, Banc Post, CEC Bank).

Attention: Scheduled payment means that the customer bank should provide this service. It is recommended that before you choose Premium product to contact the bank and find out if it offers this service and, if necessary, they will require additional commission to avoid further misunderstandings.

Attention: Each contract will attach an annex with information on the amount of monthly payment required for the bank contract registration.

What you need to know:

Changing natural gas supplier is an easy process that lasts about 21 days. It is working just like portability in mobile telephony.
When you decide to change the current gas supplier, you must take into account the following steps:

Step 1 : Choose CIS Gaz as gas supplier

You have the right to choose the type of supply contract.

Step 2 : Concluding of CIS Gaz supply contract with and cancellation of the supply contract with current supplier

Concludes a new supply contract with CIS Gaz, taking into account the unilateral denunciation of the period required in order of termination with the present supplier.

Step 3 : Distributor notification and transfer of reserved capacity

This will be our job. Our specialists handle the entire process.

Step 4 : Determination of the meter index

And also, this will be our job. We record natural gas meter index with dealer/carrier of natural gas from the day we will begin to supply natural gas.

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