Checking and technical revisions

Checking and revisions for installations using natural gas are mandatory and carried out periodically by an operator authorized by ANRE. Technical verification is performed within 2 years and Technical Revision within the maximum 10 years.

To choose an authorized operator in your area please see the list on


The consumer is obliged to carry out checks / technical revisions of both intallations using natural gas individual and those shared with others, exclusively through an economic operator authorized by ANRE, based on a service contract until the due date of verification / revision and failure to comply with these obligations leads to customer liable in accordance with the provisions of Order no. 179/2015

Technical verification for boilers is also mandatory and is done according to the law, every 2 years to ensure optimum operation in accordance with legal norms for the safe, to prevent possible damage that could occur to prevent possible accidents caused by production breakdowns that might interfere with the boiler.

For any of the above services, CIS GAZ has signed partnerships with local authorized economic agents to respond timely to the needs of our consumers.

If you have not already a service contract for technical checks and periodic revisions please contact us at any of the numbers below or by email.

CIS GAZ Call Center – 0371 784 000

Toll-free CIS GAZ – 0800 420 444

Telephone: 0365 313 018