Journalist Cora Muntean on ”Low prices, High heat!”


“The decision to change the gas supplier has proved to be an inspired one. I chose CIS Gaz and the first invoice showed me that what I wanted, comfort and low price, was fulfilled.

In December, I was not home for long periods, including holidays. If in other years I used to leave the thermostat at a low temperature, or even close down the central heating station, now I dared to leave the thermostat at a temperature that kept the heating in the apartment. Thus, on my return, I did not find a cold house, but a pleasant atmosphere, as if I hadn’t been gone. If once I didn’t do that, it took me days to warm up the apartment, and now, keeping the temperature constant, I helped to “health” the walls and the furniture. Not to mention the damp that would have appeared in the bathroom, as in other years, that I had to spend more money on various products to remove the damp.

Today the surprise was high: For December we paid less than 100 lei for a 3-room flat.

These freezing days I’ve been in the house for a long time. It was warm and good and I didn’t keep an eye on the meter. I know now that I can have the comfort I deserve because I turned to a supplier that is interested in meeting the commitment it has made: Low prices, high heat.

I chose CIS Gaz for two reasons: It is a local company with 100% capital. I am pleased to know that I am thus helping to increase the national economy because not the citizens of the other countries enjoy the profit. The second reason, just as important, is the trust I have in the CIS Gaz management team.”

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