Products & Services

CIS GAZ is a company dedicated to innovative solutions for the oil and gas industry, determined to offer simplicity using advanced technologies. Our products and solutions for the oil and gas industry are designed to maximize our customers’ operations, whether they are in the exploration and production, transportation, or distribution segment.

We produce all sizes of Pigging and Reception Stations (Smart Pig Traps), as well as a wide range of fuel tanks and LPG transport tanks. We are also an exclusive distributor in Romania for a complete range of products and solutions of internationally recognized companies, such as T.D. Williamson – USA, Primus Line – Germany and Baker Hughes – Thermoflex

Equipments and solutions comercialized by CIS GAZ

  • Pipe drilling machines (more)
  • Faucets (more)
  • Medium and Low-Pressure Fittings Low-Pressure Fittings (more)
  • High-Pressure Fittings (more)
  • Pipeline Pigs Mechanical Cleaning Pigs (more)
  • Pig Sig Passage Indicators (more)
  • Pig Sig Tracking and Transmitters location transmitter (more)
  • Quick-release doors Godevil Stations (more)
  • RTP piping system – Thermoflex (more)
  • RTP piping system – Primus Line TERMOFLEX (more)
  • Composite Pipe Repair Sleeves – RESQ WRAP (more)
  • Relining Pipes with Thermoflex and Primus Line
  • Interior coatings with epoxy resins
  • Rehabilitation and relocation of pipelines
  • Corrosion Consulting and Management Services