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Pipeline integrity

We ensure good pipeline design, safety, and reliability. We focus on the integrity of the pipeline at every stage of its life cycle – from design and construction to maintenance and scrapping.

Pipeline operators identify the safest and most efficient pipeline route, considering everything from design assessments to where valves are placed to corrosion reduction. Operators analyze countless different factors in a thorough location and environmental impact assessment.

There are many methods, technologies, and practices that ensure the integrity of the pipeline. Our goal is to respond to customer needs most safely and efficiently.

Mechanical cleaning and inspections

Corrosion, erosion and other forms of material degradation can cause critical defects in steel pipelines and lifting systems, which could lead to health and safety risks, but also to costly repairs for oil and gas pipeline operators. The available inspection techniques assess the integrity of the pipelines and, as a result, maximize the economic exploitation of oil and gas reserves.

CIS GAZ is the exclusive distributor in Romania for T.D. Williamson, Baker Hughes, Thermoflex, Polyflow, Primus Line

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Hot tapping and under pressure plugging technology

Hot Tapping and Plugging technology allows the operation of safe and efficient projects. As the exclusive distributor of TD Williamson in Romania, since 2008, CIS GAZ has successfully made numerous perforations and under pressure plugging in almost any type of material and diameter.

Regardless of the size, complexity, or location of the pipes, the preferred method for performing maintenance, repairs, or modifications that require safe intervention in a pressurized pipe in use is the hot tapping and plugging (HT&P) technology. At the same time, the technology allows pipeline owners and operators to isolate and bypass pipeline sections so that they can complete their projects without shutting down the system and without product loss.

Pipeline relining

As an exclusive distributor of Polyflow for Thermoflex®, in Romania, CIS GAZ is able to carry out the most complex procedures for better pipelines.

Polyflow’s Thermoflex® product offers the strength of the steel with superior durability, making it the ideal and flexible choice for transporting fluids in acidic environments. The lightweight structure and long lengths lead to reduced budgets, thanks to easy-to-install and versatile products that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

The THERMOFLEX tube from Polyflow can be pulled over long distances inside existing pipes that need to be replaced. The benefits of the relining method are the drastic reduction of costs compared to the replacement of steel pipes, the reduction of production downtime and offers long-term solutions against corrosion.

Videle, jud. Teleorman

Pipeline rehabilitation

Petroleum and natural gas are fluids that contain solid particles such as sodium chloride, potassium chloride, other salts, carbonates, sulfates, partially polymerized oils, including wax and paraffin, as well as silicates, soil, and grease. Some of these particles dissolve in the fluid, while others remain in suspension. Moving through pipes with high-speed, these particles become projectiles with a high degree of corrosion. Insulations designed for application inside pipelines must be designed to withstand the high abrasion impact of these high-speed particles.